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James Duncan Gordon Davidson is the son of a naval captain from Nairn, and a wartime nurse from Queenscliff, Victoria. He was born at the naval port of Chatham on 10th January 1927, where his father was commissioning a destroyer for service in the Mediterranean.

He spent the fIrst two years of his life in Malta (where he learned to swim). Between 1930 and 1940 he attended various schools within reach of naval ports and in June 1940 attended the Royal Naval College Dartmouth as a Naval Cadet. The R.N.College was bombed in 1942 and evacuated to Chester. In March 1944 he joined the battleship HMS Anson at Scapa Flow as a Midshipman, serving in the North Atlantic until after D-Day. He was then transferred to the cruiser HMS Newfoundland and served in the Mediterranean and Pacific until August 1945, entering Tokyo harbour in a frigate on the day Japan signed their surrender.

He continued to served in the Navy until he inherited from an uncle a small hill farm in West Aberdeenshire which had belonged to the Davidson family since 1773. In 1964 he entered Parliament for the Liberal party.

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  Admiral Lord St. Vincent - Saint or Tyrant? The Life of John Jervis, Nelson's Patron

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