John D. Grainger, a former teacher, is a well-established historian with a particular reputation for military subjects.

AOS Naval Non Fiction

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  Hellenistic and Roman Naval Warfare 336BC - 31BC Between Alexander the Great's conquests and the Battle of Actium
  Dictionary of British Naval Battles Covers all periods comprehensively - medieval, early and late, and early modern as well as modern
  British Expeditions to the South Atlantic 1805-1807 Cape of Good Hope and the Rio de la Plata basin
  The British Navy in the Baltic From the earliest times until the twentieth century
  The British Navy in the Caribbean From the voyages of sixteenth century English adventurers such as John Hawkins and Francis Drake
  The British Navy in Eastern Waters: The Indian and Pacific Oceans A comprehensive overview of the activities of the British navy in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  13 Sharks The Careers of a Series of Small Royal Navy Ships, from the Glorious Revolution to D-Day


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