John Goldsmith

John Goldsmith is best known as a screen writer for UK TV series such as The New Avengers (1977) and The Professionals (1978).

He was born in London in 1947 and educated at Winchester, where he won the Queen’s Gold Medal for English Verse, and the University of Aix-Marseille (Diplome de langue et lettres Francaises.). At the age of 21 he sold his first novel to Hogarth Press. He subsequently worked for Hogarth/Chatto & Windus as a part-time reader and editor while breaking into TV. After a short stretch in business he returned to full-time writing with the publication of his second novel and a script for the cult sci-fi series Space, 1999.

In 1978 he published the best-selling Voyage In The Beagle, an account of the re-enactment of Darwin’s famous voyage in which he served as a crew member of the replica ship that featured in the BBC series The Voyage of Charles Darwin.

He also wrote the series John Silver's Return To Treasure Island (1986) starring Brian Blessed which is presumably linked to his novel Return to Treasure Island.

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  Return to Treasure Island Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins search for even more treasure

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