Mark Keating

Mark Keating was born in North London and has spent most of his life working around the South East selling everything from comic-books to champagne. He now lives and works in Windsor, Berkshire with his partner and son.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: The Pirate Devlin
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  The Pirate Devlin
(aka Fight for Freedom)
Sold by his father as a child for four guineas, captain’s servant Patrick Devlin knows how cheap a man’s life can be.
  Hunt for White Gold Valentim Mendes, a Portugese noble seeks to blackmail Devlin into finding the letter
  Blood Diamond Devlin is invited to London and offered an amnesty if he will carry out a daring crime 
  Cross of Fire Devlin's former master, and bitter enemy, John Coxon, has been sent to kill him

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