Richard Endsor

Richard Endsor trained as a production engineer and subsequently became responsible for the production engineering of a range of air compressors for an international engineering company. He left in 1981 and spent the next 10 years working as a contract engineer, writing computer programmes for the aerospace industry in many different countries. Since 1991 he has worked as an independent supplier of engineering data to the aerospace industry.

Much of his spare time has been devoted to researching 17th century ships and shipbuilding practice. The result was The Restoration Warship which involved extensive research in numerous archives, museums, and in consultation with other noted authorities in the field. At the Mountbatten Maritime Award for Best Literary Contribution 2010, he was awarded a Certificate of Merit for the best illustrated book. Richard Endsor is a trustee of the Nautical Museums Trust, Chairman of The Warship Anne Trust, a member of the Society for Nautical Research and the Samuel Pepys Club. He has also written numerous articles published in Mariner's Mirror, as well as chapters for the Mary Rose Your Noblest Shippe and Shipwright 2010. He is also a maritime artist and has exhibited paintings at the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

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Year  Book  Comment
  The Restoration Warship The Design, Construction and Career of a Third Rate of Charles II's Navy
  The Warship Anne An Illustrated History
  The Master Shipwright's Secrets How Charles II built the Restoration Navy

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