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Author :: Richard Endsor
First Published by :: Conway
Format :: HC
Date :: 23 February 2017
ISBN-10 :: 1844864391
ISBN-13 :: 9781844864393

The Warship AnneIf you go down to the shore at Hastings on the UK's south coast at low tide you will come upon an amazing sight. There, revealed by the receding waves are the remarkably complete mortal remains of a seventeenth century warship. The Anne was launched in 1678 and was lost in 1690 at the battle of Beachy Head. As she lay beached, she was torched to prevent her from falling into enemy hands. Today the wreck is owned by the Shipwreck Museum at Hastings and in the past few years there have been some intriguing attempts to bring the ship back to life using advanced simulation and modeling techniques. Ship's historian and draughtsman Richard Endsor has written a history of this wonderful and accessible ship, bringing the ship fully back to life using his beautiful and accurate drawings and paintings. Richard Endsor's previous book, The Restoration Warship inspired the locals at Deptford to plan a full size replica of Lenox, the warship covered in that book.

Author: Richard Endsor

Title: The Warship Anne

Series: n/a

First Published by: Conway


Format: HC

Date: 23 February 2017

ISBN-10: 1844864391

ISBN-13: 9781844864393


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