Roy & Lesley Adkins

Roy Adkins & Lesley Adkins are based in south-west England, near Exeter in Devon, and devote much of their time to writing books on history and archaeology. They are both Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Roy Adkins was brought up and educated at Maidenhead in Berkshire, a town to the west of London and situated on the River Thames. He went to University College, Cardiff, where he gained a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Archaeology. After graduating, he worked as a field archaeologist at Milton Keynes where he met Lesley.

Lesley Adkins was brought up and educated in Havant, Hampshire, right on the south coast of England. She was educated at Havant Grammar School and went to the University of Bristol, where she gained a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Archaeology, Ancient History and Latin, and later on a Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Surrey.

They next moved to south London and worked together on the major excavation of a prehistoric settlement and Roman villa site at Beddington near Croydon employed as field archaeologists by the Museum of London. They then became freelance archaeological consultants in Somerset involved in the editing, copy-editing and indexing of archaeology and history books, as well as writing their own books. They have since moved to Devon and write more-or-less full-time. 

AOS Naval Non Fiction

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  The War For All The Oceans From Nelson At The Nile To Napoleon At Waterloo
  Jack Tar: Life in Nelson's Navy What the life of an ordinary seaman was really like during the age of sail
  Trafalgar: The Biography of a Battle 
aka Nelson's Trafalgar **
The Battle That Changed the World
  Gibraltar The Greatest Siege in British History

** Books by Roy Adkins only

AOS Other Non Fiction

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  Eavesdropping on Jane Austen's England How Our Ancestors Lived Two Centuries Ago

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