Sean Kingsley

Dr. Sean Kingsley is a marine archaeologist who has explored over 350 wrecks from Israel to America. Off the UK he identified the world's earliest Royal African Company English 'slaver' ship. Sean writes for National Geographic and is the founder of Wreckwatch magazine about the world's sunken wonders. He is the author of God's Gold: A Quest for the Lost Temple Treasures of Jerusalem and Enslaved: The Sunken History of the Translatlantic Slave Trade (with Simcha Jacobovici), also available from Pegasus Books.

Rex Cowan is a former lawyer turned shipwreck hunter, author and broadcaster. He served in the Royal Air Force and has a law degree from King's College London and is also a Fulbright scholar. He has since become Britain's most successful shipwreck hunter and worked with John Le Carré on A Century of Images. Photographs by the Gibson Family and Castaway and Wrecked.

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  The Pirate King The Strange Adventures of Henry Avery and the Birth of the Golden Age of Piracy

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