Peter SmalleyPeter Smalley was born in Melbourne, Australia, and hails from a seafaring family. After an early career in advertising he became a screenwriter, broadcaster, and novelist. He now lives in London and is writing the HMS Expedient series about Captain William Rennie and Lieutenant James Hayter. 


Series: HMS Expedient
Year Book Comment
1786 HMS Expedient Captain William Rennie, beached for four years, is given a new ship.
1788  Port Royal Rennie and Hayter unravel an enemy plot at Port Royal
1789  Barbary Coast HMS Expedient must sail to assist Britain's ally Rashid Bey
1790 The Hawk  Hayter, now with his own command, combats smugglers assisted by Rennie
1791  The Gathering Storm  Hayter is about to take command of HMS Sloop Eglantine when personal tragedy shatters his life
1792 The Pursuit HMS Expedient heads for the Norwegian fjords and through the storm-mad Atlantic to Boston,
1793 The Marvellous Sea HMS Expedient is under secret orders steering a course deep into the South Atlantic


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