D. Andrew McChesney

D. Andrew McChesney has been fascinated with the age of sail and the great sailing navies since his grade school days. He served in the modern US Navy as an aviation electronics technician. After completing a twenty-two year career, he revived a naval adventure story originally written in high school, The Stone Island Sea Stories.

He is President of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers and a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. He has also had a near life long interest in the Chevrolet Corvair and belongs to the Corvair Society of America, Corvanatics, and the Inland Northwest Corvair Club. He serves as editor for the latter organization's newsletter, the Rear Engine Review.

He lives in Spokane with his wife, daughter, a quaker parrot, and a corn snake and works in janitorial services for a local private club because his book(s) have yet to become best sellers, and he still hasn't won at Lotto.

Series: Stone Island Sea Stories
Year  Book  Comment
  Beyond the Ocean's Edge Is it possible to sail beyond the ocean's edge to another world?
  Sailing Dangerous Waters Pierce works to convince the Tritonish Government that he is not a rebel pirate
  Darnahsian Pirates Edward Pierce once again sails beyond the ocean’s edge

 The author’s official web site is stoneislandseastories.com

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