Gerry Garibaldi was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area but moved to New York City where he pursued a writing career. Gerry's essays on his personal experiences teaching have been featured or reprinted in a number of publications. One essay was awarded the high distinction of being chosen for publication in the Longman Reader, 9th Edition, a popular university textbook used to teach essay writing, and sits between pieces written by Anna Quindlen and Michael Kimmel. Moving to Los Angeles with his family, he took up a career as a screenplay writer, doing assignments for Disney, Interscope Pictures, Paramount, and Universal Studios. He and his family now live happily in the small town of Essex, Connecticut.

AOS Privateer Fiction

Series: The Diaries of Daniel Wren, Privateer
Year  Book  Comment
  Mean Sun Daniel Wren is kidnapped and pressed into service in the King's Navy
  The River of Sin Wren learns that his fresh promotion to midshipman is both a blessing and a bane


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