Kate Grenville

Kate Grenville is one of Australia's best-known authors. She's published  eight books of fiction and four books about the writing process. Her best-known works are the international best-seller The Secret River,  The Idea of Perfection, The Lieutenant and Lilian's Story. Her novels have won many awards both in Australia and the UK, several have been made into major feature films, and all have been translated into European and Asian languages.  

Kate Grenville was born in Sydney, Australia. After completing an Arts degree at Sydney University she worked in the film industry (mainly as an editor) before living in the UK and Europe for several years and starting to write. In 1980 she went to the USA and completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Colorado. On her return to Australia in 1983 she worked at the Subtitling Unit for SBS Television and in 1984 her first book was published.

One of her works, mainly land based, is about a Royal Marine 

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  The Lieutenant Daniel Rooke joins the marines and travels to Australia as a lieutenant on the First Fleet,

 The author’s official web site is kategrenville.com

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