Richard Nigel Stembridge’s early ambition to become an engineer was altered when he became a finance company manager. He then worked in the motor trade, owned shops and is now a junior civil servant. He was born in Essex but has lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for over thirty years. He is married with two grown up daughters who live in London. Apart from writing, he is a keen motorcyclist and has been involved with Newcastle Cricket Club for many years, currently holding the office of Honorary Treasurer.

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Year  Book  Comment
1806 Coal from Newcastle Can Hudson and the Dunnock prevent Napoleon crippling the King’s navy and the United Kingdom
1807 For King and Our Country Junior Lt. Adam Sheridan must take command of his ship
1808 Black Tar The Malvern, a 28 gun frigate, was considered capable of dealing with merchant ships carrying slaves.
  Return to Killala Can Lt. Thompson bridge the conflicting demands of duty and honour?
  East of Jutland Britain is determined to protect the vital Baltic trade
  Vive le Roi Samuel Crewe, a King’s officer, can act and sound like a Frenchman
  HMS Constitution Matthew Thompson must eliminate the threat to British naval supremacy
1840 Repulse Bay HMS Repulse is ordered to the Far East

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Under the Baltic Mark Gough commanded the tiny and outdated C39 and found more than glory in the Baltic

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