V. E. Ulett

A longtime resident of California, and professional in the electric power industry, Eva V. Ulett graduated from the University of Santa Clara, a Jesuit institution where the commencement speaker's advice was to read and read widely. A directive Ulett finds easy to follow. A member of the National Books Critics Circle and the Historical Novel Society, Ulett is an active book reviewer.

A keen interest in the Royal Navy of Nelson's day and the Europe of Napoleon's time led Ulett to research primary source materials, where she found a wealth of eighteenth and nineteenth century journals, travel accounts, and letters. This, combined with a passion for books and the agreeable sensation of falling into the past, inspired Ulett to write Captain Blackwell's Prize, originally published as an audiobook, described by one listener as "Patrick O'Brian with a romantic side."

Series: Blackwell's Adventures
Year  Book  Comment
1802 Captain Blackwell's Prize Captain James Blackwell attacks and takes La Trinidad, a Spanish frigate aboard which Blackwell finds 35,000 gold dollars
  Blackwell's Paradise A mission to the Great South Sea will test lackwell's loyalties and strength
  Blackwell's Homecoming The Blackwell family's eventful journey to Hawaii, via the new and tempestuous nations of Brazil and Chile

 The author’s official web site is veulett.com

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