Valerie Roosa

Valerie Roosa was educated in England with a Royal Society of Arts degree in English, and worked for several years in London, England. Valerie believes that her talent to write is a gift from God, and encourages everyone she meets that desires to enter into the "art" of fiction, to be prepared to make the sacrifice of time and study to achieve their dream.

Valerie was a successful freelance writer for many years before turning to nautical fiction. She mainly specialized in magazine articles relating to sailing and wildlife. True Colors, the first of Valerie's books, revealed her passion for history. She believes she is one of the few women writing in this genre today, and is more than enthusiastic about a whole series in this type of novel.

Valerie is a lifelong sailor and learned to sail as a teenager on the Norfolk Broads in England. She is married to artist Frank Roosa who paints nautical scenes, boats and lighthouses. He is the cover artist for her naval fiction series. The couple owns the Day Star Art Studios and spends their "free" time sailing on the Great Lakes.

Series: Henry Stapleton
Year  Book  Comment
1812 True Colors Henry Stapleton has been press-ganged into the British Navy at the onset of the war of 1812
  Shadow on the Water Amysterious turn of events sends Henry into dangerous circumstances in Boston

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