The hero first appears at a very early age and on a famous and tragic occasion, being picked up from the sea after the sinking of the Royal George in 1782. The gentleman, Mr Dixon who saves him, adopts the child, and by and by he is found as a Midshipman in the Royal Navy just at a period full of incident and excitement. The boy, under the name Dixon, takes full share in sea-adventure and battle, is captured by Moors and endures a period of slavery, before escaping with two other British prisoners.

His maritime adventures, thrilling enough, do not, however, constitute the whole story, for strangely interwoven is a mystery connected with the Royal George herself, and secret papers supposed to have been lost when she went down. Those papers concerned a lost treasure, the hunt for which, by various characters, leads to exciting episodes and a thoroughly satisfactory finish. Young Dixon learns who he really is, and the reader will think him the right sort of type to meet the good fortune which is his lot.

This is both a mystery story and a rousing sea-yarn.

A Midshipman of the Fleet

Author: Percy F. Westerman

Title: A Midshipman of the Fleet


First Published by: Blackie and Son Ltd.

Place: London and Glasgow

Format: HC

Date: 1954




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