Active's Measure

1810: The Royal Navy of Great Britain is all that stands between Napoleon and absolute domination of Europe. Royal Marine Captain Thomas Pennywhistle is assigned to HMS Active, part of a small squadron of frigates in the Adriatic Sea. It’s considered a sideshow theatre of the war, but on those waters, one of the greatest naval battles of the age will be fought.

As a Marine, Pennywhistle fights on land and sea. He leads his handful of men first against a battalion of Napoleon’s Army and finally against the French fleet in all its terrible grandeur, always leading from the front, fighting not only with weapons but by using his wit – cool and analytical where others are blinded by passion.

Pennywhistle’s own passions will be aroused by the beautiful and fiercely independent Carlotta, and he will be tested by conflicts that make him question his deepest principles.

HMS Active will take Pennywhistle's measure. Will he measure up?

  • Author: John Danielski
  • Title: Active's Measure
  • Series: Pennywhistle Series
  • First Published by: Fireship Press
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 19 November 2015

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