"The destruction of the rebel ram Albemarle by Lieut. Cushing proves to be one of the most daring and romantic naval feats of history" A truly remarkable account of a heroic action during the Civil War. A fascinating read.

In the early winter months of 1864 Confederate General Robert E Lee devised a plan to retake critical areas of eastern North Carolina then occupied by the Federal Army. If successful a new supply line would be established to Richmond, and the Southern war effort greatly bolstered as a result. Central to his plan was the use of the new rebel ironclad Albemarle then nearing completion on the Roanoke River. The CSS Albemarle was considered to be a formidable weapon by all concerned and its destruction soon became a high priority of the Lincoln administration.

So successful would the Albemarle prove to be against the blockading squadron, however , that in utter desperation the Federal high command ultimately turned to a twenty one year old lieutenant who had demonstrated daring and success on the rivers of Virginia and North Carolina. The mission to destroy the Albemarle, nevertheless, was a high stakes gamble of the most desperate and heroic variety. Its remarkable success became a bitter disaster for the Confederacy, a much needed boost for Abraham Lincoln and catapulted Lt William Barker Cushing in legend. Highly entertaining, well researched and original in thought. It has the makings of a classic


Author: Jim Stempel

Title: Albemarle


First Published by: Fireship Press


Format: PB

Date: 22 January 2015

ISBN-10: 1611793335

ISBN-13: 9781611793338



  • Author: Jim Stempel
  • Title: Albemarle
  • First Published by: Fireship Press
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 22 January 2015
  • ISBN-10: 1611793335
  • ISBN-13: 9781611793338

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