An Awkward CommissionJuly 1793. Since being press-ganged into service in King George's Navy. John Pearce has endured a whirlwind few months, which have seen him survive wild storms and bitter battles with the enemy, and surprisingly, gain a promotion. He is finally free to follow his own wishes, but the same does not apply for the trio of Pearce's closest friends who call themselves the Pelicans.

Whilst Pearce is indulging himself in London, his friends are shipped off to the Mediterranean. Riddled with guilt over leaving them, Pearce vows to liberate the men who have stuck by him through thick and thin. Having spent months trying to get on dry land, he now has no choice; he must take ship and follow them.

With help being withheld by all higher powers, Pearce is obliged to embark on a dangerous mission before he can free his friends: at stake, the whole British position in the Mediterranean.

Author: David Donachie

Title: An Awkward Commission

Series: John Pearce

First Published by: Allison & Busby


Format: HC

Date: 2006

ISBN-10: 074908166X

ISBN-13: 9780749081669


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