An Affair of HonorIt's December 1873 and Lieutenant Peter Wake is the executive officer of the USS Omaha on dreary patrol in the West Indies. Lonely for his family, he is looking forward to returning home to Pensacola in a few months and rekindling his troubled marriage with Linda.

But fate has other plans for Wake. He runs afoul of the Royal Navy in Antigua and a beautiful French woman enters his life in Martinique. Then he's suddenly sent off on staff assignment to Europe, where he is soon immersed in the cynical swirl of Old World politics. Wake finds himself running for his life after getting embroiled in a Spanish civil war. Then he gets caught up in diplomatic intrigue among the French, Germans, and British. But his real test comes when he and his old friend Sean Rork are sent on a no-win mission in northern Africa.

Not the least of his troubles is Madame Catherine Faber de Champlain, wife of a French diplomat. Her many charms involve Peter Wake in an affair of honor.

Author: Robert N. Macomber

Title: An Affair of Honor

Series: Honor (Peter Wake)

First Published by: Pineapple Press

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: September 2006

ISBN-10: 1561643688

ISBN-13: 9781561643684


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