• A mysterious Collision at Sea
  • A brush with the Pirates of El Kateef
  • The Capture of the Slaver
  • The Night Attack
  • A Seaside Story
  • A Visit to Zanzibar
  • A Tale of the Slave Trade
  • A Cruise in Search of a Slaver
  • How we beat off John Chinaman
  • A Night Adventure on the Hooghly
  • A Cruise in the Mozambique
  • The Persian Gulf in 1808
  • A Story of the Slave Trade
  • An ffair with Malay Pirates
  • An Adventure with Pirates
  • The Captain of the Mizentop's Yarn
  • A Christmas Tale
Tales of Old Ocean

Author:  Charles Rathbone Low

Title: Tales of Old Ocean

Series: n/a

First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton



Date: 1869





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