It is the turbulent 1790s. England is at war with France and young Lieutenant John St. John of His Majesty's Navy sails forth to seek his fortune-one he must win by his own ability and daring, for he lacks the brilliant connections that automatically assure brilliant careers.When the might of the British Navy is sent against France to blockade her ports and to prey in her coastal waters, St. John displays stunning skill and success as a privateer. So desperate are the French to rid their waters of his small but dreaded brig Rapid that they plot to send their mightiest ship of the line against him. But St. John's troubles are only beginning, for his skill at alienating his superior officers proves equally stunning, particularly as it involves the impassioned siege he has laid upon the charms of the beautiful young widow, Marie Tallant.The acrid fumes of battle and the subtle perfumes of the boudoir alternate intoxicatingly as this saga of the sea sets full sail into the grand tradition of the adventure novel-of fighting ships and heroic men.

Before The Wind

Author: Lloyd M. Moxon

Title: Before The Wind

Series: n/a

First Published by: Doubleday

Place: Garden City, N.Y.

Format: HC

Date: 1978

ISBN-10: 0385142358

ISBN-13: 978-0385142359


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