Brewer and The Black Rose

Captain William Brewer has returned from the South Atlantic with hopes of spending some time with his wife, Elizabeth, and their new daughter, Anne. There is a new threat in the Caribbean–a pirate named Black Rose has created a panic among merchant sailors. The attacks are becoming increasingly violent and deadly, and the pirate always leaves a calling card to claim responsibility: a single black rose on a victim’s body.

Brewer is drawn in to the chase when a ship drifts into the harbor at St. Kitts full of dead and wounded, along with a single black rose. Brewer is sent out to find Black Rose, but he is soon recalled when news arrives that his old ship, HMS Revenge, has been taken over by mutineers! Brewer must find and deal with the traitors before turning his attention back to Black Rose, whose plan for revenge on Brewer and a member of his crew threatens to destroy them all!

  • Author: James Keffer
  • Title: Brewer and The Black Rose
  • Series: Hornblower's Legacy
  • First Published by: Penmore Press
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 23 August 2022

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