The year is 1779. The stage is set for the greatest battle of John Paul Jones' career.

Arriving in Paris, he finds one of his crew, Landais, has taken possession off his frigate Alliance. But when Jones meets the French King, he gains his favour and is given command of the battle ship Bonhomme Richard.

Furious with his mutinous crew, Jones sets sail, determined to show his value. He heads to the East Coast of England, challenging the HMS Serapis to a battle - the consequences of which will resound throughout history...

Will Jones lead the his forces to victory and prove his worth? Or will the might of the British - and the treachery of his crew - lead to disaster...?

'Broadsides' is the final book in the series of books featuring John Paul Jones, a man referred to as 'the father of the US Navy' for his role is establishing the fledgling United States as a sea-power and challenging the might of the British. It is an enthralling adventure story set against the violent backdrop of America's fight for independence from Britain. It is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Alexander Kent.

Author: Christopher Kenworthy

Title: Broadsides

Series: A John Paul Jones Adventure

First Published by: Endeavour Press Ltd.

Place: UK

Format: Kindle

Date: 14 October 2013




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