The Duty and Destiny Series is a superbly-crafted family saga with a strong naval/seafaring theme. Set in the period of the French Revolutionary War (1793 – 1802). The series follows the naval career, loves and business dealings of Englishman, Frederick Harris, the son of a Hampshire landowner. He is a brave but reluctant mariner. Despite his disinclination, he is seemingly destined to become a Master and Commander of his own ship.

Book Four - Britannia's Son:

Frederick returns to England in triumph and with a little political fiddling he is ennobled. He takes his ship to the Mediterranean where he is wounded and is forced to return home to convalesce. He makes his feelings known to a girl he has long admired and is seen in London Society where he begins to gain a degree of influence.

Towards the end of the war he is given a heavy frigate and sent out to the Aegean and Ionian Seas to offer a threat to the Turks who have shown leanings towards the French, to remain neutral. Frederick is aware that the French have taken the powerful Venetian fleet but does not perhaps realize just how dangerous they are.


Britannia's Son

Author: Andrew Wareham

Title: Britannia's Son

Series: The Duty and Destiny Series

First Published by: The Electronic Book Company


Format: Kindle

Date: 27 July 2014






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