By Conduct and Courage

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This story is of the glorious days of Parker and Nelson. The hero, William Gilmore, is brought up in a Yorkshire fishing village, and enters the navy as a ship's boy. In the course of a few months after joining he so distinguishes himself in action with French ships and Moorish pirates that he is raised to the dignity of midshipman. His ship is afterward sent to the West Indies. Here his services attract the attention of Lord Nelson, who gives him command of a small cutter. In this vessel he cruises about among the islands, chasing and capturing pirates, and even attacking their strongholds. He is a born leader of men, and his pluck, foresight, and resource win him success where men of greater experience might have failed. He is several times taken prisoner: by mutinous negroes in Cuba, by Moorish pirates who carry him as a slave to Algiers, and finally by the French. In this last case he escapes in time to take part in the battles of Cape St. Vincent and Camperdown. His adventures include a thrilling experience in Corsica with no less a companion than Nelson himself.

  • Author: G. A. Henty
  • Title: By Conduct and Courage: a story of Nelson's days
  • First Published by: Blackie
  • First Published Date: 1905

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