Well before Revere rode, seagoing American merchants were striking the first blows for independence.

Drawn by the passion of the almighty dollar, none struck more deftly than Isaac Biddlecomb, captain of the Judea, whose smuggling activities made a mockery of His Majesty's Royal Navy. Pursued by the HMS Rose, he sacrificed the ship he loved to the depths, and the fortune he stood to gain, rather than surrender - a bold affront that marked him for pursuit by the enraged forces of King George.Disguised as a merchant seaman, Biddlecomb is reunited with Ezra Rumstick, a comrade and fierce rebel advocate, in the very thick of the brewing revolution. On a brig bound for Jamaica, now serving as a lowly mate, fate tests his mettle when the captured Biddlecomb faces a life of hellish servitude under the mad captain and sadistic crew of the HMS Icarus.

By Force of Arms

Author: James L. Nelson

Title: By Force of Arms

Series: Revolution at Sea Saga

First Published by: Pocket Books


Format: HC

Date: 1996

ISBN-10: 0671519247

ISBN-13: 9780671519247



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