A fictional biography of David Glasgow Farragut (1801 - 1870) who was a flag officer of the United States Navy during the American Civil War. He was the first rear admiral, vice admiral, and full admiral of the Navy and is remembered in popular culture for his order at the Battle of Mobile Bay, usually paraphrased: "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" to U.S. Navy tradition. He entered the Navy as a midshipman in December 1810. During the War of 1812, when only 12 years old, he was given command of a prize ship taken by USS Essex and brought her safely to port.

Clear for Action

Author: Noel Bertram Gerson

Title: Clear for Action

Series: n/a

First Published by: Doubleday



Date: 1970

ISBN-10: 0-884116-41-7

ISBN-13: 978-0884116417 





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