The Fletcher Companion

A guide to the career of Sir Jacob Fletcher (1775-1875) the only hero of Nelson’s navy who never wanted to go to sea, but only to go ashore and prosper in trade.

The ships, the lovers, the outlandish characters, the battles, storms and adventures from Canada to Africa, and from the Baltic to Japan, served up with as much hilarious humour as furious action.

A guide to eight books and more coming, each verbatim from Fletcher’s memoirs, transcribed by an unfortunate clergyman whom Fletcher threatened to ‘gut and fillet’ if he did not take down every lurid word. The result is a vision of Georgian life on land and sea, plus the high tech of its day: steam, submarines and flying machines.

Read the books to see if he survives.

  • Author: John Drake
  • Title: The Fletcher Companion
  • Series: Jacob Fletcher
  • First Published by: Lume Books
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 10 August 2022

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