Dead Reckoning1805-1811: The fourth novel by C. Northcote Parkinson featuring Richard Delancey.

Richard Delancey's new command of the frigate Laura takes him to the East Indies and he is forced to endure a long separation from his wife Fiona. After taking part in the capture of the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch, Delancey becomes involved in the protection of the East India Company's China Fleet. His first task is to pursue and destroy the French privateer Subtile. Other adventures follow and finally the Laura is involved in a unique sea-battle, simultaneously taking on two French frigates.

Author: C. Northcote Parkinson

Title: Dead Reckoning

Series: Richard Delancey

First Published by: John Murray Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: July 1978

ISBN-10: 0719534844

ISBN-13: 9780719534843


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