Devil to Pay1794-1796: This is the first of C. Northcote Parkinson's naval sagas set in the period of the Napoleonic Wars, introducing Richard Delancey, dreamer and man of action, sensitive and tough, a real man of the sea.

By a quirk of fate Delancey is denied his wish to see action on a ship of the line, and finds himself sent on a dangerous mission to the French coast. His apparent success turns sour, and still without a posting he becomes a revenue man, later graduating to command of a privateer. His exploits in the English Channel soon become legendary. But a new turn of events presents him with a chance to redeem himself and return to His Majesty's service - a chance which could cost him his life.

Author: C. Northcote Parkinson

Title: Devil to Pay

Series: Richard Delancey

First Published by: John Murray Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 17 May 1973

ISBN-10: 0719528380

ISBN-13: 9780719528385


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