Donland: Devil's Wind

They called the wind a sirocco, a wind borne sandstorm from the Sahara Desert that blackens the day. Donland called it a Devil’s Wind. It was just one of the perils he faces on The Slave Coast of Africa.

He is on his own with only half of Oxford’s crew and with half of her guns. Upon arrival on the Slave Coast the newly married Donland is ordered by the tyrannical governor to dispatch a Spanish frigate captured by pirates who prey on the slave traders.

How hard is it to hide a frigate? The Slave Coast of Africa is honeycombed with rivers and coves, each has to be searched and each holds hidden dangers. Donland navigates the perils of sea and land while contending with betray and deceit.

“A trap always assumes the prey will react in a certain manner, if the trap is discovered before it is sprung then the prey decides a course of action. That action might be to lay a trap of his own, run away or barge right in with overwhelming force. The key is to spot the trap before it is sprung.”
“Still, taking the frigate will be no easy task especially if the brig is able to lend assistance. We will be hard pressed to survive.”
“Aye, but as I said, once we see the trap then we can turn it to our advantage.”
Powell said, “Sharp eyes and the patience of a hawk will be required.”

Patience was required but also daring to find and defeat the pirates. Donland has learned patience and his daring is never in short supply. He is a fighting man, as cunning as his foes and does not tolerate fools. When the trap is sprung it is a matter of victory or defeat.

  • Author: Perry Comer
  • Title: Donland: Devil's Wind
  • Series: Donland
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 6 December 2020

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