Donland: The Frigate Captain

The worst place for a sailor is to be on the beach. Lord Howe’s words, “You will not be forgotten,” seem nothing more than an empty promise. Now married and with a baby on the way, his finances are steadily dwindling, and he is left no choice but to seek employment with The Honorable East India Company. Hope of a naval career is fading.

When all seems hopeless, Donland has his dream fulfilled; he is given command of Wessex, a frigate. His orders send him to patrol the Coasts of Florida in the year 1790. He is to uncover a plot to undermine English negotiations to purchase Florida from Spain. There are privateers, pirates and munitions runners to contend with.

He has a new ship’s company that does not know his ways and he knows next to nothing about them. His lieutenants are assigned to him and each seems a misfit. Success and survival when facing four privateers depends on trusting them and them him.

  • Author: Perry Comer
  • Title: Donland: The Frigate Captain
  • Series: Donland
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 27 March 2022

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