A novel of the historic exploits, military and gallant, of Commodore John Paul Jones.

John Paul Jones - pirate, naval genius, bastard son of a Scottish lord, first hero of the American Navy - the penniless adventurer with a price on his head, who rose to a fame which shook the world...

He defied the might of the British Fleet under the guns of their own ports. He was equally at home in Europe's sumptuous capitals or on the bridge of a fighting ship. He was loved by the beautiful women of three continents. He was John Paul Jones - red-headed, hot-blooded seafighter - John Paul Jones, Founder of the United States Navy!

With eye-witness accounts of his many engagements related by the then Midshipman Manesseh Fisher


Don't Tread on Me

Author: Walter Karig

Title: Don't Tread on Me

Series: n/a

First Published by: Rinehart


Format: HC

Date: 1954



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