"During the years 1780-1781 , this nation became bankrupt and was all but exhausted by internal dissensions of long standing and by the desperate battles of a long war in its final stages. Only an out-numbered naval squadron sent by His Most Christian Majesty Louis XVI and the presence in Rhode Island of a little army of French regulars lent forlorn hope to the American patriots. With these turbulent years as background tapestry - climaxed by the surrender at Yorktown of Lord Cornwallis - F. van Wyck Mason traces his tory of three young doctors, their careers, their love-making, and their rough and tumble adventures in the service of a young and struggling country."

One of the three doctors is Peter Burnham, who serves as surgeon on an American privateer

Eagle in the Sky

Author: F. Van Wyck Mason

Title: Eagle in the Sky

Series: American Revolution

First Published by: J.B. Lippincott Company


Format: HC

Date: 1948




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