The Peace of Amiens has ended. Nathan Beauchamp is ordered home for reassignment to the rebuilding fleet.. He has missed the packet so must return as first officer on the brig HMS Sampson. As the damaged Sampson sinks Nate captured the attacking privateer cutter Bateuse and discovers a privateer encampment on a nearby island. Nate decides to attack the camp. A cutting out expedition results in the capture of the renegade privateer leader Roseau.

Roseau's captured ship, the Vipere, is taken into the King's Navy. Her original name HMS Falcon is restored. Due to politics, Roseau is exchanged to the French for an influential Kingston plantation owner.

Soon Roseau takes up his old trade once more. Admiral Skinner recruits Nathan for one more mission.

Falcon's Revenge

Author: Joseph L. O'Steen

Title: Falcon's Revenge

Series: Nathan Beauchamp

First Published by: Trafford Publishing

Place: Victoria, Canada

Format: PB

Date: August 2003

ISBN-10: 1412005051

ISBN-13: 9781412005050



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