They called themselves the Bombay Buccaneers - and under that flamboyant name they blazed a trail of daring and adventure from the Gulf of Oman to the waters of Macao.

For courage, loyalty and renown few of the. Buccaneers could match their Captain, Percival Merewether, a brilliant seaman who was already the hero of a score of fabled sea-faring campaigns. Newly in command of the thirty-six gun frigate Pitt, Merewether is about to set sail again - this time on a voyage that would plunge him and his crew into new and ever more hazardous trials: a mutiny, a fierce-fought sea battle with the French, and a stormy encounter with the most ferocious pirate ever to hoist a flag: Madame Chin, scourge of the China Seas...


For King and Company

Author: Ellis K. Meacham

Title: For King and Company

Series: Percival Merewether

First Published by: Little, Brown

Place: New York

Format: HC

Date: 1976

ISBN-10: 0316564370

ISBN-13: 9780316564373



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