The Revolutionary War is dragging to an untidy end. Britain, France, Russia, Austria and even the disintegrating Ottoman Empire are seeking to position themselves to take advantage of what is expected to be a short peace.

The Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean are in chaos, decomposing into a shambles that would demand the political skills of Machiavelli to resolve. Frederick Harris has been ordered to take his frigate into these waters to pursue British interests, whatever they might transpire to be.

Prime Minister Pitt is losing power in London and his successors may disavow his policies while Russia, an ally of England, is considering turning to the French. Frederick finds it easy to enter the maelstrom of Near Eastern politics and warfare, but discovers it to be very dangerous to get out again.

Fortune and Glory

Author: Andrew Wareham

Title: Fortune and Glory

Series: The Duty and Destiny Series

First Published by: The Electronic Book Company


Format: Kindle

Date: 22 February 2015





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