Freetown Squadron

Thrilling and memorable, this debut historical novel will grip you until the very last page!

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, opportunities for glory and adventure have ebbed, and many naval officers find themselves beached on half-pay, with no sign of action on the horizon. Commander Duncan Buchanan is lucky, however. Fresh from promotion and given command of a frigate, he has orders to head South, to where a fierce war is still being waged against pirates and illegal slave traders.

Chasing down slavers is more complicated than it seems, however. As tensions mount, Captain Buchanan must negotiate his way through political intrigue and bloody battles under the African sun, all whilst maintaining control of a diverse and disgruntled crew far from home.

The first in a series of historical novels for Kindle, Freetown Squadron weaves an intricate drama against a realistic portrayal of historical naval life. Seamlessly combining adventure and romance, this action-packed novel follows Captain Buchanan on the first stage of the epic journey of his life.

Author: Christopher Royle

Title: Freetown Squadron


First Published by: First Century


Format: PB

Date: January 2000

ISBN-10: 1901679225

ISBN-13: 9781901679229


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