Honors RenderedIt's early 1889. Germany is trying to add the islands of Samoa to its burgeoning Pacific empire. For six months, German and American naval forces have been engaged in an escalating war confrontation at the main Samoan island of Upolu. Warships are at battle stations. Reinforcements from both nations are on the way. The press in Berlin and San Francisco are calling for national honor to be defended. At any minute, open combat may erupt. All it will take is one miscalculation...

Commander Peter Wake, Office of Naval Intelligence, has been given an impossible assignment by President Grover Cleveland, whose administration will end on March 4th, and who plans on running for the presidency again in four years. Cleveland doesn't want a war to be the legacy of his first term in office. Wake is ordered to get to Samoa and clandestinely accomplish one of two things: somehow prevent war from breaking out, or win it decisively at the outset to prevent it from spreading around the globe.

Enlisting the help of an unlikely team found along the way—a Hawaiian artillery officer, a renegade Methodist minister, and a beautiful shyster—Wake is led into situations he never anticipated, for the South Pacific is a very dangerous place indeed. And in the end, he faces a foe more daunting than any before in his life.

Author: Robert N. Macomber

Title: Honors Rendered

Series: Honor (Peter Wake)

First Published by: Pineapple Press


Format: HC

Date: 1 September 2013

ISBN-10: 1561646075

ISBN-13: 9781561646074


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