Claiming his prize money and reviving his love affair with the beautiful Charlotte Brett are Lieutenant Matthew Lamb's priorities when the Adroit at last returns to England from the Caribbean. But a few hours on land prove to be as unpredictable as duty at sea under the irascible Captain Slade, although Lamb's disappointments are not without their equally surprising compensations.

The Adroit must join Admiral Lord Keith's fleet for Egypt to oust Bonaparte's army and, outside Alexandria, the naval brigade plays it's part against the might of General Menou's army on one of the bloodiest and saddest days Lamb has known. And via Constantinople, where romantic intrigue at the home of the Ambassador, Lord Elgin, is not without its attendant dangers, Lamb finds the return journey to England demands a much higher price than any previous adventure of his career

In this fourth story of Matthew Lamb, Kenneth Maynard once again captured the essence of early nineteenth-century life on land and at sea, and brought to it his distinctive flair for detail and an engaging sense of humour.

(The book was released just after the author's death and some sources indicate it leaves 'cliff hangers' and may be unfinished)

Lamb’s Mixed Fortunes

Author: Kenneth Maynard

Title: Lamb’s Mixed Fortunes

Series: Matthew Lamb

First Published by: Weidenfeld and Nicolson


Format: HC

Date: 1987

ISBN-10: 0-297790-24-2

ISBN-13: 978-0297790242

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