1800's Europe, Napoleon's Empire - a time when women are seen as ornaments or property.

On an inauspicious passage aboard the thirty-six gun privateer Magician, Lady Johanna Cornehl, daughter of admiral of the fleet, embarks on a tempestuous adventure. Directing her fortunes are four men. Her father, Vernon, a guiding purpose in Johanna's life; his unrelenting control corrupting her independence. Captain of Magician, Harold "Hal" Monroe, predisposed against the lady because she is related to the architect of his unjust dismissal from the Royal Navy. Fitzwilliam Neville, mercenary and opportunist; owner of Magician. Insinuated into the Cornehl family, he awaits the favorable moment to marry Lady Cornehl and acquire her fortune. Finally, James Emrys, alchemist and doctor, friend to Capt. Monroe. Normally dependable for his rationale, he struggles with a foolish inclination for the admiral-s daughter.

Magician casts a spell on the unsuspecting lady; an enchantment which, well after her initial destination is achieved, continues to direct her fortunes, involving her in theatre, a clandestine relationship and an imprudent marriage. When her dearest friends are kidnapped, Johanna steals away aboard Magician on a perilous mission.

-With her marriage and life in jeopardy has her luck finally run out?

Magician's Spell

Author: Debra Sue Denson

Title: Magician's Spell

Series: n/a

First Published by: Red Rose Publishing


Format: ebook only

Date: 25 March 2010




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