Majestic is a novel set in the turbulent years of the Napoleonic Wars as the Royal Navy fights the French for supremacy across the oceans of the world. It continues the career of Midshipman Johnnie Wharton in both great men-of-war and nimble brig-sloops.

Wharton is poised for promotion, hastened by the terrible toll suffered by HMS Majestic at Admiral Nelson’s great triumph at the Battle of the Nile. Wounded by an exploding cannon, he recovers to take command of a battery of guns in the decisive battle off Egypt’s Aboukir Bay.

While the battered Majestic awaits new masts and work to repair her hull, alongside many other of Nelson’s victorious ships at anchor off Naples, Wharton is loaned by his captain to a fast brig, HMS Swallow, which acts as the ‘eyes and ears’ of Admiral Duckworth’s small fleet as Britain seeks to re-conquer Menorca from the Spaniards.

Soon promoted to Acting Lieutenant, Wharton becomes one of Swallow’s key officers as they provide an early warning to Duckworth of any Spanish counterattack while seeking prizes along the way.

Johnnie Wharton learns more aboard Swallow about ship to ship battles than he ever could aboard Majestic, which prepares him for the great sea battles to come.

  • Author: George Edwardson
  • Title: Ajax
  • Series: The Wharton Series
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 26 December 2022

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