This book deals with an ordinary 21st century man, (Michael), through a fault in the Essentia's admin database, being time exchanged with the soul of a dead naval lieutenant from another century and there is no going back.

In our century, Michael is a sarcastic and cheeky individual, but now, every time he opens his mouth he risks being thought a lunatic and confined to bedlam. This new world is dangerous, smelly, violent and as very different values. How can he blend in and survive. What part of his previous life can he keep to save himself going insane?

There is another criteria he must address, one that governs the conditions of his new life. This stipulates that he must not invent anything, nor must he even divulge that he is in fact from another time. He has been warned that he must on no account alter the time line, or there will be dire consequences. This is sorely tested when he comes across the toilet and hygiene arrangements.
The Essentia team suddenly decide that Michael has had a bad deal through their admin slip up and they try to help by providing him with a mentor that understands the workings of a Royal Navy ship. However, this does not turn out as planned and the drowned man they select is a refined, erudite American naval officer. The man they exchange his soul with, is the punch drunk ship's fighter who can hardly string two words together, let alone navigate a ship.

Later in the Novel after he has fooled most of the crew in thinking him competent, he is unintentionally involved in several sea fights.

1811 Essentia

Author: William Bertram

Title: 1811 Essentia


First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 14 March 2015





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