This is the third book in the series and here we see our Hero take part in three desperate sea battles. He still has his friends around him, but now he has acquired another friend in Henri, a Frenchman whom he rescued in book two. This friendship involves him in an adventure with the French Royalists and for a while, he is sailing under a French Royalist Captain.

During this adventure, our hero takes on more responsibility, both in his Maritime profession and his social life. The reader will soon discover that our hero's youth and innocence are slipping away and maturity and responsibility are creeping into replace them. That is, always assuming he survives.

1809 Ben Brown Vive Le Roi

Author: William Bertram

Title: 1809 Ben Brown Vive Le Roi

Series: Ben Brown

First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 13 May 2014





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