Perils by Sea and by Land

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A Romance of Sea & Land

"Amongst the ships and vessels forming the blockade were several Neapolitan gun and mortar boats, and two fine brigs. These latter carried eighteen guns each, and were remarkable for the beauty of their construction, their great speed, and the gallantry of their commanders. One of them in particular attracted universal attention; the commander being a very young man, not more than four and twenty, who, though from his early youth in the Neapolitan service, was in reality a subject of His Britannic Majesty.

Captain De Courcy, who commanded the Vesuvius, was known to be a most especial favourite of the King and Queen of Naples, and the protege of their prime minister, Acton. The Stromboli, the other Neapolitan brig, was commanded by a Sicilian, named Septimo. The two commanders were bosom friends, having served several years together in the same ship. Captain Septimo was, however, some six years Captain De Courcy's senior."

  • Author: Francis Claudius Armstrong
  • Title: Perils by Sea and by Land or The Neapolitan Commander
  • First Published by: T C Newby
  • First Published Date: 1863

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