Peter Raven Under Fire1800: Peter Raven is the new officer on board HMS Torren, a Royal Navy ship battling with the French, led by general Napoleon Bonaparte. From the outset, the thirteen-year old, finds himself bound to Commodore Beaurnont, an intrepid British spy. When unexpected events at sea, plunge the pair into a dangerous intrigue on shore, they discover an extraordinary plot by France, to create a new empire by taking of the recently formed, United States...Soon it's a race against time to the pirate-filled waters of the Caribbean to save an entire nation, and a spirited American girl who has captured their hearts! Set against the real-life history of the time, Peter Raven Under Fire is the first in a series of the young midshipman's rip-roaring adventures.

Author: Michael Molloy

Title: Peter Raven Under Fire

Series: Peter Raven

First Published by:  Chicken House Ltd

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: July 2005

ISBN-10: 1904442447

ISBN-13: 9781904442448


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