Fresh from the best-selling sagas of sea adventure, O'Neil brings us Quarterdeck, the sequel to best-seller Sailing Orders as once again Captain Sir Martin Forest-Bowers KB faces almost insurmountable odds as he and his valiant crew take to ship on behalf of Her Royal Majesty and the United Kingdom.

As a homeless boy, abandoned to look after himself at the age of thirteen, Martin encountered Captain Bowers RN and his family. Adopted by the Captain he entered the Navy as a Midshipman. Now married and a decorated Captain himself. He returns home to find his wife Jennifer at death's door. Prompted by his safe return, her recovery is assured and is followed by a return to work for 'plain Mr. Smith' with clandestine excursions and undercover trips to France. At sea once more, he is involved not only with preventing treasure ships from falling into French hands, but also with events on the east coast of America in the run-up to the war of 1812.

Action, battle, romance, adventure and thrills abound in O'Neil's latest venture into the world of sea battles against the mighty navies of France and Spain as well as American pirates.

Author: David O'Neil

Title: Quarterdeck

Series: Forest-Bowers series

First Published by: W & B Publishers Inc


Format: Kindle

Date: 25 August 2015




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