Quarterdeck1798: Thomas Kydd was promoted to acting lieutenant after his bravery at Camperdown. But Kydd began naval life as a press-ganged sailor, and there is more to becoming an officer than passing exams. He must turn himself into a gentleman as well.

As Kydd struggles with his own demons, he and the enigmatic Renzi set sail in Tenacious for North America. Halifax is a rough and tumble port, and the United States of America has just been born. The crew of the old 64-gun ship are soon caught up in the chaos. Hurricanes, and the French, are lurking just off the coast. And for Kydd, there is more than just survival at stake.

Author: Julian Stockwin

Title: Quarterdeck

Series: Thomas Kydd

First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: October 2004

ISBN-10: 0340832177

ISBN-13: 9780340832172


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