Captain Sainsbury puts Quinn in command of a captured brig with a cargo of foul-smelling undressed hides as a punishment. Young Quinn's crew consists of an unwilling French aristocrat, a disaffected American midshipman and his cronies, along with a few other seamen.

This is the begining of an exciting set of adventures, and when Midshipman Quinn appears before Captain Sainsbury again, bloodstained and weary, to report the safe arrival of his cargo at the appointed rendezvous, he has much to tell. He has captured a sloop from a French anchorage, rescued French royalists from a dungeon several miles inland on enemy territory and outwitted the famous pirate Cagli. He has also encountered the young Countess of Villanova, and with her aid he has destroyed a fleet of enemy ships and warships. Quinn has done it again!

Quinn of the Fury

Author: Showell Styles

Title: Quinn of the Fury

Series: Septimus Quinn

First Published by: Faber and Faber

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: December 1958

ISBN-10: 0571032990

ISBN-13: 9780571032990



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